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I’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours.
— – The Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland
Pyramid Shaped Diamonds 

Pyramid Shaped Diamonds 

I love to relook at things and see the world differently, so when Pritesh showed up with some unusual things. I was very excited. He was referred to me by my wonderful friend Jennifer. He open up his backpack and the party began. 

I'm very interested in the diamond conversation but from a LOLA perspective: let's turn it upside down. What makes these diamonds luxurious to me is their shape. What is more luxurious and sacred than pyramids? Pure Egypt. A civilization steeped in luxury and an adoration for all things nature and divine. The pyramid shape allows for focused energy of the diamonds: coming from the base up or coming from the top down into the base. 

I also loved that the earrings don't come in matching colors. One is a honey sweet tone and the other is a sort of grounding hematite type color. Balanced Energy. They would make the most charming earrings for a goddess or two pendants to wear close to your heart chakra and balance the energy. 

Does the color throw you off? Why is it not white? I tell clients that the true value of stones is their actual inherent properties that will never change. A diamond is still a diamond despite the color. It is adámas: unbreakable. It still has reflective qualities that only a diamond can have. These stones took billions of years to form. That is history, culture, beauty & romance all in one. 

Birthday? Mother's Day? Graduation? Wedding?

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