How to Be Fearless: Eliminating Risk with Custom Designed Fine Jewelry

‘Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?’ ~Alice
’That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,’ said the Cat.
— Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

Ugh. You can’t find anything in the fine jewelry stores that suits your tastes or reflects your vision, yet fine jewelry seems like such a high-ticket item that you are afraid to design your own unique fine jewelry piece? Honestly, it’s not that scary: with the right jeweler you can have your dream fine jewelry within your dream budget!

It’s really about have an informed conversation and being taught about materials and the design process. 

Here are three main thoughts I encounter with my clients...

Alice in Wonderland & Cheshire Cat, Sir John Tenniel from the 1865 edition

Alice in Wonderland & Cheshire Cat, Sir John Tenniel from the 1865 edition

First: How Do I Express What’s on My Mind? I See It But I Can’t Explain It?

Nothing wrong with that. I know the feeling too! I used to be there. The first project I had in mind when I started learning fine jewelry was a 14th century Italian Renaissance ring. It was unique and precious and just out of this world. I was never told it was impossible to create so I started and I never stopped. I'll never leave you out on the cosmic ledge of creativity gone wild.

How do I help my clients visualize?

14th Century Inspired Ow Ring 

14th Century Inspired Ow Ring 

I ask you to bring sketches or images to our first meeting, so we can brainstorm creatively together. I also ask you to create a Pinterest board of all the fine jewelry you like and those you have on mind for your project. I believe that process takes out the pressure of creating and just brings it back down to a fun experience. 

<-- My first ring was created by carving wax and then casting the was in sterling silver. There are sixteen pearl beads and ten iolite stones set into the ring. A project that took about forty-eight hours to make. Talk about a labor of love. 




Second: I Don’t Know About All These Prices for Gemstones and Metals. How do I Know I’m Not Being Taken Advantage Of? 

That’s a legitimate fear! These diamond streets can be deadly. Creating and owning fine jewelry is definitely not to be taken lightly. However, like with all fine goods and experiences, there is a joy and beauty to discovering the world of fine jewelry when you trust your jeweler/jewelry designer and build an education. Gemstones and noble metals are not the cheapest materials on Earth, but I would gander to say that they are the most exquisite on Earth.

Love is in the Earth: Loving Gemstones 

Love is in the Earth: Loving Gemstones 

Love From Earth

I love to share the history, culture and lore of fine jewelry materials with my clients, and to give them a true sense of what they possess so that ownership goes beyond the intrinsic value of the materials.

Tell me what could be more beautiful than stones colored purely by the minerals in the Earth and refined with the most valuable commodity of all: time? These gems also come some of the most exotic places on this planet: Mozambique, Brazil, Madagascar, Australia, Ethiopia, South Africa, just to name a few. To want to wear fine jewelry is truly a desire to be deeply connected with Earth and Nature; it is a fantastic experience.

From the Earth to Wearer. There is also the human value of fine jewelry: appreciating the amount of time and labor it takes to create the finest jewelry: stone-cutting, stone setting, blending metals, crafting metal, polishing the final piece. The combination of both elements, natural and human, is the true brilliance of fine jewelry as a collector’s item.

Also, unlike other luxury goods, fine jewelry has the ability to maintain its re-sell value if designed right and the brand you choose is a notable brand. As a jewelry designer, I make sure to protect the value of the pieces I create, so my clients feel assured that I am maintaining the value of what I create for them. In a sense: a return on their investment. I also love for my clients to know that their money also supports a thriving community in New York City that is a reflection of some of the finest talent and craftsmanship in the world. 

Crystals are the blossoms of the mineralogical portion of the Earth; the recognition of the beauty and loving energies of these forms can greatly enhance ones personal development.
— Love is in the Earth, Melody

Third: Oh My Goodness I’m Going to Spend All This Money and Valuable Time on Creating Fine Jewelry and I Am Not Going to Like What I Created! I Can’t Deal with That. I Would Rather Buy Something I Can See and Touch At A Retail Store. It’s Just So Much Easier! 

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. The third exhale does it! That’s the charm. You can’t not love what you’ve created if you feel empowered, educated and are in control. I tell my clients that creating custom-designed fine jewelry is an exercise in discovering joy and beauty. It is, in a way, a wonderful challenge to learn more about yourself, so it’s a very beautiful journey when done with a master captain. 

I have been designing and creating fine jewelry for over six years and I’m in an environment that creates some of the best jewelry in the world for esteemed jewelry houses like Van Cleef, Tiffany and Harry Winston. You can’t go wrong.  As we go through the creative process, I make sure to take notes of how best my client can make their creative assessments; that is, how they create best: visually or by touch. Then I create an environment that supports and encourages their blossoming creativity. When you come out of the experience with your tangible piece of luxurious creativity, I want you to feel knowledgeable and more beautiful. More radiant. It really is a Soul Exercise.

You are involved in several aspects of the design and creation process. Before we begin you will be informed of the level of expertise required for the project, the number of hours involved as it relates to your stated initial budget. There will be stop points where we can discuss and review the direction of the project. During the actual creative process you will be shown illustrations, CAD renderings, wax models and metal versions of your piece before the fine jewelry piece is completed. I also allow you to see and touch gemstones and determine the quality of your noble metals as well. I want you to fall in love with fine jewelry and be a connoisseur. Loving and owning fine jewelry is a way of life. It’s a Passion, a strong and compelling emotion, to be connected with fine jewelry. So I want each piece of fine jewelry you own, and wear, to empower you in every way in life. 





There you have it!

A few of my thoughts to help you make more informed decisions if you are struggling with commissioning your own fine jewelry. However I do say: if it is good enough for Kings and Queens, it sure is good enough for us all!

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Love, Lisa