Working With Flora-Building a Natura Fine Jewelry Brand

Springtime. Working with Muses-Flora & Chloris in Sandro Botticelli's Primavera 

Springtime. Working with Muses-Flora & Chloris in Sandro Botticelli's Primavera 

It's interesting that I discovered fine jewelry in 2011 after reconnecting with Mother Earth in my parent's hometown of Hwidiem in Ghana. I had quit my highly corporate job in the Winter of 2010 and left for Ghana that January unsure of what to expect. On an impulse I decided to travel to the Brong-Ahafo region with my father and I discovered a big part of my soul. Hwidiem is a quaint and charming farming town that is going through a gold boom. I spent days in the farmlands and also watching the men hunt for gold.

Upon my return to New York City, I would return to my yoga practice, return to law, study fine jewelry and crystals. The last six years have been truly transformative. I've really pushed the boundaries of my mind, body and soul.

I currently have an fine jewelry space in New York City's Diamond District and I'm fortunate enough to create exquisite fine jewelry, yet I knew I was missing the final piece: what was my divine life purpose after all this work in 37 years? Taking the time to travel the world, become a philosopher, a scholar, a lawyer, a healer, an artisan and then an artist. Through persistent soul-searching, it has all finally dawned upon me. It's been a quest to work with and heal the Earth. That has always been my soul purpose. 


What is a Flora Artist you might ask? I had to dig deep myself to understand what that means. Since 2011, I fell in love with gemstones and by 2013 I started studying the energy and principles of rocks and stones. One is the natural object and the other is the man-made creation. Around the same time I started working with Mother Earth and nature: especially studying flowers, plants and trees. By 2015, I started to create fine jewelry inspired by flowers, florals and other natural elements. By May of 2016, I had finished a ring called Delila. 

Zambian Tourmaline & 18k Yellow Gold Ring (Stone by Top Notch Faceting: Jean-Noel Soni)

Zambian Tourmaline & 18k Yellow Gold Ring (Stone by Top Notch Faceting: Jean-Noel Soni)

The nymph Chloris who turned into the Goddess Flora had quietly become a muse. I would then go on to create a series of rings and I would name the series Chloris: they were fine jewelry rings with thorny shanks to symbolize the very nature of florals.

This May I am finally embarking on my first collection: a series of Flora Collections for Each Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter. Fine jewelry pieces that honor Mother Earth and tell stories of the Heavens, Earth, Nature & Humanity. It's a very ambitious project and it will take me a few years of hard work, but I believe it's absolutely crucial for the times we live in. I'm hoping to share the beauty of Earth through the inspirations of nature, the beauty and energy of stones and metals & the collective work of a jewelry community. I hope you will follow this journey and support and encourage me along the way as we see what happens! Do Join the Newsletter so you can stay tuned. Thank you for your love and support so far.

P.S. It's finally Spring! So cheers to new creations!

Love, Lisa