A Promise

This time last year I biked over to the Javits Center to be in the presence of Mātā Amṛtānandamayī Devī , shortform: Amma. I went as a promise to a Uber driver I met on December 24th, 2014 who gave me this Rudraksha and Crystal bead bracelet. 

I remember that evening so clearly. I had finished packing three suitcases for Accra, Ghana, as I was on the way to spend Christmas with my family and be part of my brother’s wedding. However when I got in the Uber car I was overwhelmed by a strong sense of anxiety that I was leaving New York City.  It was palatable. Overworked and overwhelmed. My driver started to converse with me on the ride to Newark. I wish I remembered his name, since he was such a thoughtful man. 

We talked about life and my journey home and he started to tell me about how he gave up driving taxis and travelled to India after his divorce and how he’d gotten back and started to drive for Uber and how he was planning to head back to India again. I asked what lead to his soul journey to India? And he talked about how he would wake up in the dark of night-a lost and confused soul. So I had to ask him, “what was in India?” He replied, “Amma.”

I told him I had vaguely heard of her before and he described being in her presence and the hug he received. He told me she’d be in New York City in July of 2015 and that I should go and check it out. He showed me his bead bracelet. I was intrigued my the rough textured bead and didn’t realize yet it was a seed. As we pulled into Newark airport, I finally was at ease and ready for my journey. He got out and fetched my bags and slipped his bracelet off and gave it to me. He asked me to take it and give it to Amma. I was so moved as the car pulled away that I started to cry (most people who know me would say that is a rare sighting). On this soul journey of mine, I’ve always been good at recognizing fellow kindred spirits and I thanked the Universe for our encounter.

Six months  and ten hours of waiting later, I was deep in the universal embrace of Amma. A goddess and a saint. A Mother to Humanity. As my head was cradled in her bosom, she held onto the bead bracelet and chanted words of love in my ear as she rocked me back and forth. Seconds felt like eternity. A powerful yet peaceful moment in time and space-just knowing I was loved. I’ve never had an experience like this before.

“Love one another without any expectations. Then,there is no need to go anywhere in search of heaven.”  – Amma

It was then that I bought my Japa ring, which would become a ring I recreated for others. I wanted to share some part of that Amma experience and the ring came to mind. A simple band with meaning and purpose. A ring to help one connect with themselves. It’s so simple and beautiful, yet so powerful and timeless. 

Love, Lisa xo

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