Churning Good Magic #lovemore

So far June & July have been quite the months as we all struggle to understand humanity a little better. As dark as things have gotten, they have forced us all to reach out and talk a little more and send out more love. So I thought to myself what can I do to add to this continued positive energy? My spirit teacher keeps telling me to create positive energy. Then I realized Giving is a form of positive energy and, in return, Receiving completes the cycle.

Anyone that follows me obviously adores jewelry. So I decided to add a 10k version of Love Notes on the website since they always start a conversation when I wear them. What if we collectively did a little more giving and receiving? I would love to give 25% of the proceeds from this Friday until next Friday to an educational cause like @thelifeyoucansave. What if over a thousand people shared this message? I want to see if we can create some good magic in a week to cancel out some of the negativity of the last few months. So please join me in churning some good vibes. Get a Note for yourself, share it with a friend to start a conversation. Tag someone you think might love to see this message. Repost it! Let’s see what happens?!!! I’ll blog about it next Friday. Email if you’d like the bracelet version. ✨🙏🏿✨

Link to the earrings are here.

Love Lisa

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