Dreamers & Believers

Happy Sunday on another incredibly hard week for humanity. However we can always find the light. Seun sent me this trailer yesterday and again I was mesmerized by the direction our experiment has been taking. It all started in winter and now we are in the summer. The birth of a dream is almost here. It’s been a real privilege to work on this project with such dreamers and believers of my work and my craft. It’s been extremely touching.

I love sharing the story of how Jean-Noel and I met and where are our friend ship has evolved to; it’s a testament to the power of Instagram to connect people. I also mean the producer and the director of this short film through Instagram! Instagram has become such a powerful way for people to connect these days and share their worlds. It creates these portals, rabbit holes, to the wonderful lives of others.

Enjoy this trailer and I look forward to sharing the full short film with you next weekend! Also you can follow @topnotchfaceting and @blufunk5 through these links. Have a blessed summer Sunday.

Love, Lisa  xo