Dreaming with Jewelry...

Can Jewelry Be An Art Composition? 

Awhile ago I played with the idea of “who was my dream client” and this lovely woman from Sydney materialized. A Dreamer, literally and figuratively. I love when the Universe creates a magical conspiracy.

Jewelry is meant to be adored, loved, played with and cherished. So when I discovered that the fantastic @jewellerydreaming had fallen in love with our japa rings I couldn’t be more excited!

She has a beautiful nature of composing rings together that are romantic, whimsical and informative: a soulful nature and connection to jewels. A jewelry influencer in the most original and authentic way.

I just had to ask her how she became such a hand “model” with her long elegant fingers? 

“ I guess that I do quite a lot of "full hand stacks” and for those I just sit with my jewelry box and keep trying on rings until I’m happy with the colour combination.“  – jewellerydreaming

How beautiful and, I imagine, meditative it would be. To sit and be with beauty, especially stones, for a moment. I do that, myself, in a different way: with my rocks and crystals, so I appreciate the "play” and joy one can have with just being with jewelry. 

“Although I love a diamond (who doesn’t), my weakness is definitely colored gemstones and I try to capture just a flicker of their beauty. Most of the people I follow on IG have coloured stones in their collection and although I love antiques, my passions is for modern day jewelry. I love looking at what the "now” jewelers are creating. I’m also a huge fan of @topnotchfaceting and all of those beautiful stones! I love love love seeing before and after photos!“  – jewellerdreaming

Thank you for loving my work and supporting my craft. I couldn’t have dreamt you up any other way. Do follow Babe on Instagram and enjoy the magic of dreaming with jewelry. 


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