Golden Cloth

“And the golden cloth wrapped around her finger, connected with her skin, as it told her stories of a beautiful people and their culture of embroidery. ”

What happens when a client asks if metal can be textile? You start racking your brain and thinking about it. Especially when the cloth she has in mind is culturally complex and luxurious? You know I’m always open to a challenge in the name of evolution and transformation. 

The Kuba cloth is a textile that is unique to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, formerly Zaire. The textile is known for the elaboration and complexity of design and surface decoration. The women are responsible for transforming raffia cloth into various forms of textiles, including ceremonial skirts, ‘velvet’ tribute cloths, headdresses and basketry.

Most textiles are a variation on rectangular or square pieces of woven palm leaf fiber enhanced by geometric designs executed in linear embroidery and other stitches, which are cut to form pile surfaces resembling velvet. 

Now to apply that age old technique and craftmanship to a piece of metal and continue the flow of design. This fine jewelry piece had to be created with the mastery of CAD design to maintain a consistency in “texture”. Then the metal was “antiqued”: that is oxidized to create the black corners. 

I have to say, it came out beautifully! What do you think?  When culture and history can be conveyed in metal that is a form of magic too. Alchemy at its best. 

Lisa xo

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(Kuba Cloth Knowledge courtesy of Wikipedia. Read more here