Red, White & Blue or Green or...

Happy Holiday Weekend! Happy 4th of July! Happy Birthday America! I’m over here rocking out to Fleetwood Mac, getting ready to celebrate. What a great country! A testament to the melding of colors of people, of cultures, of dreams, of ideas…there is no other country like it in the world. 

Everyday I feel the power and beauty of America, while working in the Diamond District and I feel lucky and blessed. Americans, Jews, Indians, Armenians, Africans, Peruvians…this was the dream this nation was intended for. 

So part of the mission and DNA of the brand is to promote and support Made in America. This is my dream too. My American Dream as the child of Ghanaian parents. This nation has nurtured and fostered a dream of a land that has room for my hopes and dreams and for that I am truly grateful. Yet it is also my duty to play a part of making this dream even bigger and supportive of others. So I hold that in my consciousness as I work and create. 

Love and support American workers, American business owners and American products. It’s a very beautiful thing!

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Love Lisa xo