That One Time At Metal and Smith...

On September 19, 2016, we got to be part of a select number of American Emerging Jewelry Designers that were featured at the first presentation of Metal and Smith: a private jewelry show  that was presented as “not a trade show”. 

The mood in the air was palatable despite the rain and the chaos outside in the city: the UN was having meetings. Serra and I were soggy but in the mood to connect with fellow designers, buyers and retailers. It was quite the day. And I finally got to meet my Girl: Danielle Miele, the force behind the brand Gem Gossip. 

Daniele has been in the business of supporting fine jewelry for over 8 years and it’s a true delight to know she believes in CHARLTON & LOLA. She invited us to attend Metal and Smith, a curated fine jewelry event. 

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