The Magic of the JA New York Jewelry Show!!! Celebration!

Serra and I had the pleasure of being invited as guests to this year’s JA New York Show that was hosted at the Javits Convention Center. What a trade show. We’ve never been to one and it was allot of fun and also highly inspiring. 

We were honored to be invited by Liz Kantner the new brand advocate for JA and writer of the fine jewelry blog, Stay Gold. In the words of National Jeweler, Elizabeth Kantner as “a jewelry consultant and publicist, who spent 4 years as a marketing communications specialist for Colorado-based designer Todd Reed, curated the group, taking over for designer advocate Cindy Edelstein, whom the industry lost earlier this year." 

Liz curated this year’s New Emerging Designer Gallery which included talented jewelry designers and jewelers such as Alexis Kletjian, who also won the Mort Abelson Award of the year, Hannah Blount, Rachel Sarc and so much more. Find the list write-up here. She also put together an excellent panel to discuss "The Power of Collaboration”, a philosophy we hold dearly in this brand. Erin Daily and Brian Weissman, founders of Brooklyn Metal Works, Hannah Becker of Diamond Doodles and Jean Noel Soni of Top Notch Faceting discussed the power of creative collaboration. 

“Each of these industry advocates and creative thinkers have proven that often joining forces is a better approach.”  – Liz Kantner

The beauty of the show was also the beauty of American Fine Jewelry and it’s community of jewelry designers, jewelers and gemstone dealers. It was such an open-hearted experience! It was a celebration of American Beauty and Creativity in the Fine Jewelry space and it made me feel blessed to be part of such a community. All different kinds of people with beautiful stories about how they fell in love with jewels. I also had the chance to meet Dana Bronfman and Ruta Reifen, hangout with my boy Jean-Noel of @topnotchfaceting, meet Jay Moncaga of Perpetuum and to finally brand influencers such as Benjamin Guttery, @thirdcoastgems and Angela Louison, @gemstonegypsy (Angela is also an antique jewelry dealer). And jewelry community voices such as Tracy Matthews of Flourish and Thrive Academy. My dear friend Bonnie Cohen of NYMag stopped by with her own delightful ring stack. tThe list could really go on and on. Such a beautiful experience. I can’t post it all, so I’m just gonna share pictures in a gallery celebrating the beauty of American Fine Jewelry and Made in America.

Ring stacking was a beautiful representation of showcasing creativity over those three days so enjoy! And do support us! We design and craft and dream with such big hearts and innovation and imagination. Everything that is truly American. Feel free to comment below if you’d like to know the makes of any of these rings. 

Love, Lisa 

P.S. Cindy Edelstein would be so proud of Liz.