What is luxury? Does an object derive its value from the consciousness of the artists behind its creation? We explore the journey of a gemstone cut by Jean-Noel Soni of Top Notch Faceting and shaped into a finished jewelry piece by Lisa Owusu of Charlton at the Benlolo Jewelry Studio.

Seun Aladese, @blufunk5, of Villah.TV, has finally finished the short film for CHARLTON & LOLA. Enjoy this story that follows the creation of a fine luxury ring. Watch Lisa craft a ring with a 1.5ct Zambian Tourmaline she purchased from Jean-Noel Soni, @topnotchfaceting. She designs the ring with creative input from her Master Teacher, David Benlolo, of the Benlolo Jewelry Studio.

Be moved by the personal story of our creative director and the story of a stone that becomes the ring, Delila.

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