Who Wears CHARLTON & LOLA Series...

The beauty of a fine jewelry brand is also embedded in the stories of the people who wear and support the brand. Our clients and advocates are everything kind of bright and beautiful people, and we aim to start sharing the stories of our dynamic clients, since we believe they are so fucking awesome and you should know about them.

First up is the avid adventurer and traveler, camera man & creative Rodney Quarcoo

Rodney is a pure creative out of Accra, Ghana. A photographer, entrepreneur, a husband and a father, who believes in “All Africa Everything”. He wears a platinum CHARLTON & LOLA wedding band. He was one of the first clients to request a diamond engagement ring for his Beloved that Lisa crafted and created a few years ago. 

A nation stepped in culture and timeless history and filled with the pure beauty of nature and wonderfully happy people, discover the everyday beauty of the country of Ghana through his eyes. Rodney can also be found on Instagram and Snapchat as @rodneyquarcoo.

Share your stories with us too! Have you been to Ghana or Africa? Would you love to go? Tell us more. Lisa loves to share the beauty of her other countries and she also likes to hear what makes your country special.

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