Who You Gonna Call?

As most of you know by now, I love spiritual symbolism and iconography. There is so much beauty in human spiritually as it has evolved over the centuries and within all the different cultures. Sometimes I just go to the Metropolitan Museum in the City, pick a wing, and just explore culture and spirituality. 

I say “spirituality” versus “religion” because I feel like the first word always for more curiosity and wonderment about humans and our connections to the other plane. From the beginning of humanity there has always been conversations, in all cultures, about humanity and gods, angels, saints, fairies, unicorns, giants… The stuff of bibles, wisdom books, legends, muses and fairy tales. Tapping into spirituality, I believe is also a natural connection that fuels human creativity-the two are not mutually exclusive. 

Art & Jewelry have always met at the intersection with spirituality and religion. Can you notice it around you? 

I wasn’t raised Catholic but I learnt to connect with Saints & Angels during my spiritual studies and I have a real appreciation for spiritual jewelry.  Two of the Saints I call in regularly are Saint Michael and Saint Anthony. Oh and Mary! Over time I have collected some beautiful medallions that are placed in my office. I like the energy they bring to the space.  

Hence when @thejewelrybureau asked me to work with her on creating a rosary ring, I jumped at the opportunity. I mean who wouldn’t? Something that could be of use to people to create comfort and inspire more hope and faith? I was in. 

Since I’m a stone person, I loved the idea of incorporating gemstone cabochons as part of the design-amethyst, rubies, sapphires, onyx, topaz. What positive energy would they bring to the rings? 

“What do you pray for? What do you call into your life everyday besides material acquisition, status & power? ”  – Lisa

As the world feels more challenged everyday by the darker side of humanity, “pray” hashtags have become a trend. #prayforFrance #prayforOrlando #prayforBlackLives #prayforNice #prayforIstanbul. As sad as it is, the list of prayers is long these days, so let’s have conversations about prayer. What does it mean to you? Even if it’s the thought that collective human energy through a prayer could up and create more positive change on this earth. 

Let me know your thoughts.

Love Lisa xo 

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