You Already Know


You are reading this because you already know. You peep game. You are reading this because you don’t have time to read this. You are skimming right now. 

You question everything.  You move the needle. You hustle. You know de chop money. You are DIY. You are bi-coastal. Bi-continental. Tri-continental. You are from Brooklynlondonlagoskingston. You are global by nature.

 You code switch for a living. You work in a skyscraper but your grandmother bathed in a river. Dialect is your first language. Job interview is your second. You’re not just looking for a job. You are looking for meaning.  You want to live it to the limit and love it a lot. Alive. You take chances. You defy odds. You experiment. You go left. 

You eat mangoes for breakfast.  You conjure. You stay open. You intuition comes from your father’s people.  You spray paint. You spray money. Ah you run tings. You master your craft. You meditate.  You do the math. You learn from your mistakes. You start the party. You contain multitudes.

You make taste. You knew about Basquiat’s genius way before Jay Z started name-checking him. You taught Beyonce to dance in the “Run The World” video. You move on the Chris Ofili-Fetty Wap axis. The Neymar and Chimamanda axis. You spin Vybz Kartel in Tokyo. You dance the Azonto in DC. You’ve partied with Diddy and tweeted with Erykah. You are to your industry what David Adjaye is to architecture. What Serena Williams is to tennis. What Naomi Campbell is to supermodeling. You breakdance in Korea. Yeezy taught you. So did Bad Brains. You fucks with MIA heavy.

You are ancient and modern. You develop the new styles based on old values. You are a new kind of conqueror. You take down fascist flags. You are a threat. People are afraid of your power. You’re woke. Restless. Your soul is not for sale. You know the difference between faith and dogma, knowledge and belief. You are godbody. You’ve read Psalm 82, verse 6. You are more than your machines.

Everybody wants to be you, but nobody wants to be you. You animate and dominate everything you touch. Twitter. Snapchat. Instagram. Tumblr. Sport. Fashion. Music. Culture. You’re the inevitable evolution of hip-hop. You are quick to quip. Black Twitter quick. You are Black Twitter.

You are part of a global hardcore who are changing paradigms with your excellence. Your governments don’t fully represent you. No brand or media or institution embraces you in your entirety.  You are cut into edible, less viable pieces. You are separated by false divisions but you cannot be contained. You are legion. Your nation knows no borders. Your true nation is a multi-nation. Your true nation is on your phone and on your feed. You are the Xango Republic. You are XR.



Lisa OwComment