My Story

My whole life has been a journey, a story, of a soul experiencing life: spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. And that universal story is the DNA of my brand: CHARLTON & LOLA. 

I was born in Brooklyn, New York, yet at the age of three months my parents moved our family to Abidjan in the Côte D'Ivoire. Childhood was pretty idyllic between living there and then going to high school in Accra, Ghana. At seventeen, I returned to the United States to study at a liberal arts university. That was the first chance in my life to really study and apply free thinking. University and the thirst for truth led to my desire to be a lawyer, so I went to Washington D.C. and worked as a legal assistant and then left for Bristol, England to continue my studies. It was an incredible opportunity to study knowledge, wisdom and history in one of the most ancient civilizations on the planet. I would return to Washington D.C. after graduation and then return to study law, obtain a Masters, in Boston. My quest for knowledge is in my DNA. 

After my third degree, I returned to New York City and would make it my home. I was twenty-seven. After being obsessed with law for all of my twenties, for some reason, my soul felt unfulfilled and my heart was broken. So I gave two weeks notice and return to Ghana to reconnect with my soul. I was thirty-one. After that reconnection, I returned to New York City, reinvigorated to continue the journey. 

I had discovered a love for beads in Ghana and returned to NYC determined to learn how to wear them. First as beads, hence my company then was called BeadsbyLOLA and then by metals. I joined a jewelry-study atelier to learn the craft of fine jewelry making. On a parallel path of discovery, I returned to yoga. At twenty-two, I had discovered yoga while studying in Bristol. I would take a break on returning to America, however in my thirties I returned to my yoga practice. Both these paths led me to discover crystals and the practice of crystals and energy healing by thirty-two. I would spend the next few years working as a lawyer on a noble case, becoming a fine jewelry craftsman. In 2015, the Destiny opened the door of opportunity for me to arrive in the Diamond District of the City and since then that is where I've been evolving: from the story of an individual's passion and quest for life's true purpose to the creation of a brand, a spiritual based business, for those who seek to know and live in Love and all its beauty. 

The true joy and beauty of my craftsmanship is infusing wisdom and knowledge into fine jewelry creations. It is my pleasure to serve you. 

Love, Lisa

If you would like to connect with me for speaking engagements or fine jewelry creations, please feel free to hit the button below to start a discussion.