Seven Circles of Love

Our Lovely London Jewish Wedding 

Our Lovely London Jewish Wedding 

Seven times encircling my beloved

Beneath this fragrant canopy, our home

The Seven circles of my love for thee

The seven blessings of our wedding day...

The first circle is chesed I circle thee with loving kindness.

The second circle is gevurah I bless thee with strength.

The third circle is tiferet

May harmony rule in our home.

The fourth circle is netzach

The circle of victory

May goodness triumph always.

The fifth circle is hod

The shining radiance of God's glory

Reflected on our faces today

On our wedding day.

The sixth circle is yesod

The firm foundation

May the bedrock of our love and faith

Sustain us come what may.

The seventh circle is malchut

The Sphere of Kingship

Today I am your Sabbath Queen...

With this dance I thee wed.

~Seven Circles

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