True Love Comes in All Colors-Spinels

The more and more clients I meet these days, the more I discover there is a refreshing new conversation in engagement rings. Colored stones are IN. As beautiful and classic as a white diamond is, people are open to discovering the beauty of all the other gemstones. I love sharing that knowledge with my clients. 

Top Notch Faceting Burmese Spinel

I've been seeing some exceptional spinels recently and I consider them a wonderful stone for engagement rings. They come in exceptional colors, are a strong stone that is durable, and they are steeped in history. 

One of my favorite persons to purchase colored stones from is Jean-Noel Soni, also known as @topnotchfaceting. He is single handedly re-designing and re-fashioning gemstones for a new world of fine jewelry connoisseurs and lovers. Jean is known for his love of spinels, tourmalines and sapphires amongst many stones. Stare at this beauty.

Spinels, Gemstones for Fine Jewelry (Stone by Jean-Noel Soni of Topnotchfaceting)

Would this Stone Do It For You As An Engagement Ring? It sure would for me!

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