Wedding Inspiration x LOLA-Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr & Evan Spiegel Wedding Day

Miranda Kerr & Evan Spiegel Wedding Day

So far this July we've been captivated by Miranda Kerr's wedding beautiful. By now, you've no doubt seen the stunning pictures and excellent videos as Miranda Kerr decided to share her wedding and her wedding dress with all of us. The dress, a Dior interpretation of Grace Kelly glamour was created by Dior. Quick note: Grace Kelly's wedding dress also inspired the wedding dress of Kate Middleton to Prince William.The setting floral wonderland: very reminiscent of rose quartz, the businesswoman's favorite crystal.

Miranda Kerr loves rose quartz and the stone's gentle vibration so much that her beauty products, KORA Organics, are energized with the stone. To crystal lovers, rose quartz is believed to to carry the vibration of love: a soothing energy to encourage love and acceptance of ourselves & others.

I am inspired by Miranda Kerr for her dedication to her crystals and incorporating their energy into her life in all ways. As such you can see the beauty of the life of a positive-thinker that makes love her source of energy for everyday life. 

Why does Love matter so much? Because it is the source of our very existence. At the end of the day, spiritually, we all get to either choose whether we are empowered by Love or Fear. Rose Quartz crystals are a beautiful physical reminder and energetic connection to that feeling that we all crave so much. So cheers to Miranda Kerr for making love her philosophy to live by!

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