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The Brand of CHARLTON & LOLA embodies the celebration of life's precious moments. What better way to mark important moments than with fine jewelry.

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CHARLTON is an ode to New York City: a quaint, historical and magical nook in the City. LOLA is an acronym of sorts, a play on Lisa's name.

Lisa Owusu

CHARLTON & LOLA by Lisa A. Owusu

Based in the historic Diamond District, CHARLTON & LOLA creates fine jewelry to represent personal and everyday meaningful moments. Each fine jewelry piece embodies a connectivity to the precious metal, the stone, the process of creation and then the owner of the fine jewelry piece .

Jewelry Designer & Fine Jeweler, Lisa A. Owusu is inspired by the laws of nature, life journeys, a studied love of art and philosophy, and a profound respect for the natural state of stones and the principles of metals. 

Lisa created CHARLTON & LOLA to create soulful connections with fine jewelry and also provide a refined bespoke experience for her clients: to help them in creating their own personal history and stories through fine jewelry.

All fine jewelry pieces are envisioned, designed and crafted from a place of mindfulness and a deep knowledge of fine jewelry.

Lisa works with the community of fine jewelers: all local craftsmen and artisans that have played their part in the history of the Diamond District, and made some of the most beautiful jewelry in the world.

CHARLTON & LOLA fine jewelry is infused with pure soul & luxurious craftsmanship: tradition, technique and passion.

Founder & Creative Director, Lisa

Lisa believes in excellent craftmanship: collaborating with master casters, stone dealers, stone setters, stone cutters and engravers in the Diamond District, New York City. She also has a deep love of Nature and hence gemstones.

Born in Brooklyn, Lisa grew up in La Côte D’Ivoire and Ghana. She studied liberal arts in Connecticut and then went on to study law between England and the United States. She trained as a jeweler in New York City. 

Made in New York City

Johannes Vingboons - Geheugen van Nederland (Memory of The Netherlands), Selections from the Map Collections 

Steeped in history, culture and tradition, it is an honor for CHARLTON & LOLA to be based in the Diamond District in a period of change and transformation.

The Diamond District has a transient energy, like no other: buzzing in the center of Manhattan between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue and close to Rockerfeller Center. The original Diamond District was created in the 1920s near Canal Street and the Bowery. As the era evolves and to integrate old and new jewelers into the community, we are blessed to be part of the new story of this community of fine jewelry artisans.

Our mission is to support our community of fine jewelers and artisans that are part of the process of making some of the most beautiful jewelry in the world. The advantage we have is that New York City attracts the best from all over the world. 


Philosopher's Stone-Tourmaline

Value of the Brand. The Brand promises to always create fine jewelry pieces that support you in a unique way on your life journey. We promise to share knowledge with you so you feel empowered by your purchase and you treasure it throughout your life. 

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Story of A Stone. Story of a Brand.

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