Private Design

Your Creation

CHARLTON & LOLA offers a personalized design experience to all of its clients and can help you identify your needs and design the ultimate fine jewelry piece.

The creative process begins with a partnership between the client, the brand and the finest fine jewelry artisans.

The jewelry designer, Lisa will work with you to identify your unique idea and transform that idea into a one-of-a-kind fine jewelry piece.

An avid lover of gemstones and crystals, Lisa uses her love and appreciation to source only exceptional stones to present to her clients. She has access to the most beautiful variety of diamonds and gemstones, including sapphires, emeralds, spinels, and tourmalines.

Lisa will only select special stones for private projects. 

Your Luxury

Work directly with Lisa to create your own object of luxury.

Luxury is the idea of the rare: in beauty and in experiences. With regard to objects, their creation requires the element of knowledge and the patience to create.

A luxurious object takes time to be made, it is infused with the experience of master artisans. A story begins with the connectivity to an exquisite rough stone, the cutting of gemstones and crystals. The design is born out of personalization and the eye of the jewelry designer.

Your Memory

CHARLTON & LOLA, as a brand, weaves through all forms of jewelry techniques: playing with the history of old-world jewelry-making, different cultural techniques and new age design tools.

We share the process with you, to help you appreciate and understand the process of creation. From the point of imagining the piece to the actual work of creation.

It is an inherently soulful exercise to create beauty, your luxury, your memory.

Visualize the Experience Here.

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We are always excited to have clients and customers visit our intimate studio, and to connect with the energy of the Diamond District.

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We look forward to meeting with you and working on your fine jewelry design.

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