The Brand

The Brand of CHARLTON & LOLA embodies the celebration of life's precious moments. What better way to mark your important moments than with fine jewelry? Need help re-designing family heirloom pieces or creating one-of-a-kind fine jewelry designs? That is what the brands specializes in. 

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CHARLTON is an ode to New York City: a quaint and historical nook in the City. LOLA is an acronym of sorts, a play on Lisa's name.

CHARLTON & LOLA by Lisa A. Owusu

Made in New York City

Crafted by a community of fine jewelers and artisans, CHARLTON & LOLA fine jewelry is crafted in New York City's Diamond District. 

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An International Brand

Lisa A. Owusu is a professionally trained fine jeweler. As an established corporate and securities lawyer. Driven by a passion, Lisa decided to take fine jeweler courses at night, after work, in 2011 and a brand was born. Lisa was born in Brooklyn, New York City and was raised in West Africa: Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana. She returned to America to pursue her college degree. She went on to England to obtain her first law degree and returned to America to obtain her Masters in Law. Lisa has lived in New England and Washington D.C. as well. Her international life highly informs the brand.