I can think of very few items I own from which I am deriving so much pleasure from. New threshold for future purchasing decisions.
— Roshanne
Generally, I describe myself as a ‘I know what I like, when I see it’ category of a consumer. Designing such a personal piece of jewelry was a little intimidating. However, Lisa was patient and helpful in helping me lockdown a design that best worked for me. I appreciate her for that and look forward to bringing a second piece to fruition.
— Yemisi
I am more in love with my ring than ever. I wear it every single day, it only comes off when I’m in the bath. It is so incredibly special to me, and I take very good care of it. It has had its surface polished a couple of times to get rid of any superficial, tiny scratches, and it looks like new every time. Magic!
— Euthymia
Your brand and your messages are amazing. And you are so true to who you are. I adore that.
— Monica Welsh of Willow Wynn Co.
Lisa worked on a necklace for me and I was beyond amazed at the final product. Everything exceeding my expectations. The setting of the stones was perfect, she knew exactly what my vision was and was able to turn it into something stunning. She is so talented and has a bright future ahead of her. I am so excited for the new necklace she is working on for me and would highly recommend her. You are truly missing out if you have not yet worked with her and bought a one of kind piece. Love everything Charlton & LOLA.
— Christina
That one time inspired a ring design. So proud of @charltonandlola: she practices (almost) literal alchemy with passion as hot as the molten gold with which she works. My friends are fire.
— Natasha Nyanin, The Ecstatic Flash
For CHARLTON & LOLA, jewellery takes special powerful spiritual form of adornment calling the divine into every aspect of our lives and personal journeys.
— Liz Urla, Gemologue
My husband and I commissioned Lisa Owusu of CHARLTON & LOLA to create custom wedding bands and were absolutely thrilled with the results! Lisa was able to take our vision and turn it into something above and beyond what we even hoped for. She met with us and took the time to get a feel for our relationship and our personalities, and the end result really reflects that. She was also able to work within our budget yet still give us the rings of our dreams! We couldn’t be happier with our rings and highly recommend CHARLTON & LOLA to anyone looking to have fine jewelry made.
— Dawn & Pete
My LOLA piece of jewellery is precious. Not only because it is made of gold and precious saphirs or that it is beautifully crafted. It is Unique. And it has a story.

My partner designed it with Lisa after the birth of our daughter. Lisa has a vision for each piece she creates coupled with the personal history of its owner. It is my favourite piece of jewelery.

It also goes through an every day battle with my one year daughter’s attempts to gain ownership off my neck which is testimony to its amazing quality.
— Celine
When your girl nails your vision on the first try. @charltonandlola never ceases to amaze me with her one of a kind Jewelry design and creation, all handmade. These exceeded my expectation, the detail is impeccable. I’m beyond excited to give this gift to my mom. ‪#‎handmadejewelry‬‪#‎customjewelry‬ ‪#‎mygirlisbetterthanyours‬ ‪#‎aspiringlorraineschwartz‬ ‪#‎emeralds‬‪#‎opals‬ ‪#‎gold‬ ‪#‎customearrings‬ ‪#‎vintageglam‬
— Christina
I ALWAYS look at my simple perfectly shaped gold band and think how perfect it is for me. It’s so timeless...
— Ashley