Creation and production of CHARLTON & LOLA fine jewelry pieces begin after the client pays for their gemstones for the fine jewelry project and pay 2/3 of the determined price of the working budget.* The working budget does not include the cost of acquiring gemstones. There is a gemstone consultation fee for the process of selecting and purchasing gemstones. Please note the value of the gemstone consultation fee will be applied to purchasing the desired gemstones. However, if the client does not make full payment on the final selection of gemstones, within three days of the invoice, the gemstone consultation fee will be lost and the selection process will have to begin again. Please note the gemstone consultation fee will be revised if the client chooses to completely change the gemstone specifications during the gemstone acquisition process.

Please understand that we are able to offer clients the best value and quality due to the rapid turnaround period on payments and paying our select material vendors.

We send out payment invoices after written and/or verbal agreements with clients. We allow up to three days on payments. Pricing and payment terms may be negotiated to allow for longer payment arrangements. We reserve the right to determine duration times on payments based on communications with clients. 

Due to market fluctuations: changing prices on precious metals & the availability of gemstones, we can not always guarantee the price offered to the client if there is a delay on payment of invoices. Delays can result in new pricing.

We reserve the right to cancel an invoice and re-issue the invoice with new pricing if we do not receive any communications from the clients in due time. 

*Working Budget prices may change based on client revisions during the course of a project.