Reimagining Love Rings?

Black Diamond Engagement Ring with Open Heart Bands

Black Diamond Engagement Ring with Open Heart Bands

Nowadays, the exciting part of falling in love and making a commitment is that everything is possible. You can propose with all kinds of stones besides diamonds and you can really design your individual wedding bands. Especially in the LGBTQIA community. "Love is Love" is a celebration of the human capacity to love and it's worth celebrating. 

I love to work with couples of envisioning rings that best reflect their personalities. From the bride who asks for the blackest of black diamonds to the groom who wants three diamonds embedded in the intro of his 18k white gold band. It's such a great time to learn about jewelry design and create something unique and bespoke for yourself and your love partner. 

Did you propose this holiday season? Are you thinking of proposing by Valentine's Day? Are you ready to design some one of a kind wedding bands? Reach out and connect with Lisa and learn about the beauty and magic of creating fine jewelry in New York City's ever evolving Diamond District.

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